C-FC Backpack Meals

C-FC Backpack Meals

C-FC Backpack MealsC-FC Backpack MealsC-FC Backpack Meals

we can make a difference!

As of September 1, 2019, the C-FC Backpack Meals Program has provided  16,158 pounds of food and 19,728 meals to hungry children in the school district.

Sign Up, Donate or Volunteer

Sign Up


If you would like to sign up for your child to receive a food-filled backpack on weekends during the school year, please click HERE.



If you are interested in donating money to the program for the purchase of food for the backpacks, please click HERE. All donations made payable to St. John's UCC for the benefit of the C-FC Backpack Meal Program are tax deductible.



if you would like to volunteer for the program to pack meals, transport packed meals to the school, or help in any other way, please click HERE and describe how you would like to help.